A 3-month cross-cultural ministry internship to prepare you for fruitful, long-term service on the field


Invest 3 months to start your field life with confidence.

At Studio, we’re passionate about getting you to the field—and helping you stay and thrive long–term. Our experience-driven internship takes you beyond the confines of the classroom into the life of a local Muslim community. Through daily interactions with new Muslim friends, you’ll get to put your learning into immediate practice and grow in living and sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ.

Studio will change your life to help you change the world.


You want to bring the Gospel to places where few or no workers have ever gone. At Studio you’ll be equipped for the challenges of long-term service overseas and gain practical ministry experience as you make disciples of Jesus Christ among Muslim immigrants and refugees here in the USA.  Veteran field workers with decades of experience in the Muslim world will coach and mentor you as you apply your learning in our community of practice.





Learn alongside a training staff with 250+ years of collective field experience to coach you in the practical and spiritual aspects of field life. 





Minister in teams in a community of practice as you experience the joys and challenges of living with Muslim neighbors.





Head to the field with the tools and relationships that will set you up to thrive for the long-term.