A 3-month cross-cultural ministry internship to prepare you for fruitful, long-term service on the field



At Studio, we’re passionate about getting you to the field—and helping you stay and thrive long–term.


Our experience-driven internship takes you beyond the confines of the classroom into the life of a local Muslim community.


Through daily interactions with new Muslim friends, you’ll get to put your learning into immediate practice and grow in living and sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ.


Studio is for those want to…

go where there is no church and where no (or few) messengers of the Gospel have ever gone.

learn from experienced field workers who have spent years serving in the Muslim world.

practice the tools and skills of effective ministry and immediately use them in a local Muslim community.



The Studio training team has more than 250 years of collective field experience. Many of our trainers have spent decades living in the Muslim world and have helped established multiple fellowships of believers from Muslim backgrounds. This wealth of experience gives interns unparalleled access to veteran field workers who know the realities, struggles, and joys of field life.

While at Studio, each intern is individually mentored by an experienced field veteran. Interns typically meet with their mentor weekly to discuss class training, life situations, field plans, and just to have fun. Our goal is to help you grow as a unique person preparing to minister in a unique situation. Mentoring helps you grow and think through your own plans and needs. 


Kids are part of the community at Studio! Our robust Third Culture Kids (TCK) training helps prepare your children to thrive through the cultural adjustments they will soon encounter. Age appropriate readings, videos and other training materials are used to help the children understand the same concepts their parents are learning.

Interns live together and minister in community. You will come to understand your own gifting and abilities better as you serve on a fully engaged ministry team. You’ll discover common values, and develop shared strategies and goals while growing as a community that loves and serves one another.


Studio’s training is robust and practical. In most cases it can be applied the same day it was taught. Spiritual development lessons help us better connect with God. Outreach training helps us share more effectively with Muslims. Language learning lessons are immediately applied to help you learn a new language and teach English to immigrants.

Three months of training can save you years of frustration overseas. You’ll receive comprehensive training in nearly all areas considered essential by major mission organizations and experienced workers. It’s fast and focused. Studio acts as a springboard to field life and ministry. After 3 months you’ll be equipped with skills and perspectives that lead to fruitfulness and resiliency.