Life on the field can be tough – missionaries navigate complex problems like language learning, poverty, terrorism, spiritual oppression, and isolation to name a few. Many come home far earlier than expected. We protect your investment by providing training and coaching to help new workers remain on the field fruitfully, long-term.

Studio’s applied training takes learning beyond the classroom to daily interaction with Muslim immigrants. You practice the things you learn in class.  So when you hit the field you will be ready to run. Not that it will be easy (it won’t), but you will know what to do to make a good effective start. Our trainers and alumni often repeat the refrain: ‘invest 3 months to save 3 years’.


The topics covered at Studio are considered the most essential for fruitfulness and longevity in pioneering ministry among Muslims. The curriculum was developed in close consultation with partner mission agencies after carefully researching ministry approaches that lead to fruitfulness.  We strive to make Studio a focused, “one-stop” training experience for new workers.  The three months you invest at Studio will save you years on the field! See testimonies & endorsements. 


Studio is designed for appointees or candidates who are close to their field departure date. Interns who are not yet ready to launch to the field may attend Studio if they have been approved by their sending agency and expect to leave for the field within a year.

Studio is held in urban areas with large immigrant communities. Location is based on various factors, such as the availability of trainers and needs of interns. Email info@studioteam.org for current locations.

  • What is included: training, materials, room, and board. Childcare and an extensive TCK preparation program are also provided at Studio.

    • Adult: $8,400 (per person, 2024)
    • Children 3 years and under: $3250 (per child, 2024)
    • Children 4 years and up: Please contact Studio at info@studioteam.org for fees for older children. 
  • Items not included: travel to the training location, local transportation costs, laundry, personal expenses, insurance. Interns are required to carry their own medical insurance. 

Most interns attend Studio 2-6 months before leaving for the field so that they are able to put their training to use as soon as possible. Ideally, you will have completed other pre-field requirements and be fully funded before attending Studio.

  • Children are welcome at Studio!  Studio offers a robust TCK preparation program that parallels the adult training program with age appropriate content. 
  • Certified childcare providers are on-site during the training sessions. Outside these sessions, childcare is the responsibility of parents.
  • Homeschooling is welcomed, although parents will bear the responsibility to plan and teach their homeschooled children. Those with children will face unique daily challenges as they dedicate time for significant interaction within the local community. Studio trainers will help support parents as they navigate these challenges. 
  • Please contact Studio personnel for more information regarding your children’s needs.

Interns will live in community with other interns. In most situations, singles will have a roommate. Shared living spaces include common living rooms and kitchen areas.

Yes, interns typically find it beneficial to have their own cars at Studio.  Use of readily available public transportation is also encouraged.  On rare occasion use of private vehicles may be discouraged depending on unique housing situations.  Please confirm with Studio leadership. 

  • Morning: The day begins with corporate prayer and worship. Morning training sessions last about four hours.
  • Afternoon: Interns are released to serve and minister in the community in order to put their learning into practice. Interns also have regular assignments to complete in order to get the most out of their training.
  • Meals: Lunches and snacks are provided Monday to Friday at the Studio training center.  Other meals are the responsibility of the interns; preparation is shared among the interns in each household.  Stipends are distributed weekly to pay for food and other household costs.  See the Studio “Expectations” document for details. 

Studio partners with several local organizations to provide a wide variety of service and ministry opportunities including English language training, cultural orientation, citizenship coaching, childbirth classes, tutoring for children, and others to meet practical needs.  In addition, interns build relationships with immigrants through their own learning language sessions, sports, recreation, and chance encounters in parks and stores.  All of these and others provide opportunity for relationship building on a deeper level.

We make a significant effort to establish Studio in ethnically diverse communities. While we can’t guarantee that you will find people from your target people group at Studio, over 180 languages are spoken in the ministry area.  Interns are welcome to focus on one particular ethnic group as much as is possible.

Studio’s team of trainers include seasoned field workers who have spent decades living in the Muslim world. Training sessions are taught by those who have gone before you and done exactly what you are setting out to do. See “Who We Are: The Studio Team” for more details.

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