Efficient, affordable, and convenient. Studio tuition pays for your training, housing and food!  It’s a complete package.  And it’s paid for through your overseas field support budget so interns rarely ever have to raise supplemental funds to attend Studio. More than affordable, Studio is freely available to most workers.

We encourage you to come to Studio after you have raised at least 75% of your field budget. 


Adult: $8,400 (per adult)

Children 3 years and younger: $3250 (per child) 

Children 4+ years: Please contact Studio for cost

Included: training, materials, room, and board for 3 months. Children aged three and under share a room with their parents. Childcare and an extensive TCK preparation program are also provided.

Not Included: travel to the training location, local transportation costs, laundry, personal expenses, insurance. Interns are required to carry their own medical insurance.
“Studio has been so worth the time and investment. I can’t imagine my first year here without having had that training."
Studio Grad