“There is no other place or staff that I can recommend more highly for preparation in effective disciple-making among Muslims.

"Located in [Southern] California, in the midst of thousands of Muslim immigrates, available for ministry all year round, the Studio program is flexible, personalized, and thorough. The [Leaders] have a great ‘track record’ from a career in Pakistan, Albania, Turkmenistan and Mongolia! Their staff includes veterans of Yemen, Oman, Jordan, Mauritania, India, Sudan, Syria, Georgia, Egypt, Morocco, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and others. How those of us in mission administration could have wished Studio was available earlier. It is REAL preparation and the place to go for ‘upgrading’ one’s ministry knowledge and skills.”
Rev. Dr. Greg Livingstone
Founder, Frontiers

“In pre-field preparation for work among unreached people groups, balance is, in many ways, the optimal term – and also one of the most difficult goals to achieve. Studio has successfully discovered that niche where vision-casting, instruction, exposure, ministry opportunities, mentoring, and debriefing all come together in a natural and helpful way to produce workers who ‘need not be ashamed’ as they step out confidently to bring light to this world’s darkness. I enthusiastically recommend the Studio program!”

Vice-president of Pre-field Ministries, Pioneers

“Getting ready to be a missionary? Planning to sell your possessions and move overseas? Listen to me: take the Studio training while you have the chance. 

“We who have years of experience know a great deal about preparing new missionaries for living long-term overseas and being fruitful. Graduates who have completed the four month program claim Studio makes them ten times as prepared and fruitful as they would have been, had they simply landed at an airport in Asia or Africa, and wondered, ‘What do I do now?’ Take the Studio training; it will make a difference for the rest of your life.”

Bob Blincoe
President, Frontiers USA

“Studio brings together so many important factors in field preparation. This includes daily classroom teaching and practice time led by experienced fieldworkers. Interns spend time daily seeking to befriend and share with Muslims, inviting them to Discovery Bible Studies, and learning to overcome fears in reaching out to Muslims.


“The whole cohort spends time each day praying together for those they want to reach out to and those they are interacting with. Interns are purposely put in challenging situations to grow their resiliency skills. They also learn how to live on a close-knit team where they learn how to relate in a healthy way and work on peacemaking skills in the midst of differences and conflict. Each intern has an experienced fieldworker as a mentor who helps them work through character issues, team issues, outreach issues, or any other issues. They also learn how to take Sabbath time to restore. I highly recommend Studio.

Mike C.
Field-Prep Director, Frontiers U.S. Sending Base
“When we send someone overseas, we do everything we can to prepare them for healthy, enduring and fruitful ministry. For this reason, we send our people who are headed for the Muslim world to Studio. The Studio’s combination of training, hands-on experience, real-life simulations, and mentoring is simply the best there is!"
Dave Bruner
Lead Missions Pastor, East Cooper Baptist Church

Everyone agrees that we are now seeing more Muslims come to Christ than ever before in history. And not just individuals—whole families, schools, and even villages are coming to Christ together!


[T]eams involved in catalyzing Disciple Making Movements are typically closed to workers who don’t understand this new day, or want to do DMM, or who lack practical hands-on experience doing DMM among Muslims before coming to the field.


That’s why I have often recommended people to Studio before they move to the field. [R and T] and the team are godly and experienced, long-term workers with a lot of sweat-equity, and also a whole lot of fun. Even more, they get DMM—and will help you get it as well so that you too can get involved in this new day of ministry among Muslims.”

Dr. Steven Steinhaus, DMIN
DMM Catalyst, New Generations Ministries

“Gone are the days when you went to the field without a mentored practicum experience doing cross-cultural outreach, especially if you are going to work among Muslims.


“Everyone I speak with who is planning to go long term to work cross-culturally in mission I tell them that there is no excuse to not spend time preparing to be effective in their spiritual life, their team life, prayer, their character, their understanding of culture, language learning and methodology in Muslim ministry. And it is all taught and demonstrated by veteran cross-cultural workers who’ve learned things the hard way!


“Doing the training will quicken your transition to effective ministry by years! Getting on a plane does not make you an effective cross-cultural worker but practical training in STUDIO will give you the tools you need to thrive.

Robert Antonucci
Assistant Director, Wilson Center for World Missions

We wish we had Studio training ourselves before we moved to S. Asia thirty years ago. Studio condenses the lessons and growth opportunities of our first ten years overseas into three months and gives interns an opportunity to begin learning them now while under mentorship by godly, experienced staff. Given the complexity of current events in most nations, in our view the head start Studio provides has become essential training for those with this high calling.”

Paul & Carolyn Raney
Barnabas Coaches & Resiliency Trainers, Frontiers
“The Studio 3-month internship provides a state-of-the-art learning experience for aspiring church planters!”
Steve Richardson
US Director, Pioneers

“If you are looking for a unique pre-field experience that will get you ready to live and serve among Muslims, we highly recommend Studio, which provides our soon-to-be field workers with holistic ministry training and real life cross-cultural preparation in a mentored environment. At Studio you will learn how to serve, endure, thrive and be effective in Muslim ministry contexts.”

Debi Sayer
Pre-field Coach, Pioneers

“In Studio the [Mentors] and their veteran staff have put together a remarkable curriculum distilling the best thinking about cross-cultural ministry, practical relationship oriented experience in sharing the hope within us and honest, deep reflection on personal spiritual formation into the image of Christ. They draw in experienced professionals to help interns engage with critical and relevant issues which might otherwise take a decade to learn on the field.


“The greatest gift of Studio, I believe, is the intimate forging of a team among the interns, giving them a taste of how a healthy body of Christ works together.

Steve Holloway
Senior Strategy Associate, Frontiers International Office