Life on the field is tough. Field workers navigate complex issues that they would never have to face living in the U.S., such as unimaginable poverty and security concerns. Add isolation, spiritual oppression, language learning, and culture shock to the mix, and it’s easy to understand why so many long-term workers return home prematurely.


Some workers thrive for decades in extraordinarily difficult situations—sometimes even in the face of severe persecution and harsh living conditions. What is the difference between those who thrive for years on the field, and those who don’t? Well-designed pre-field training can make the difference between successfully riding the waves of adversity—or being tossed in the undertow and pummeled. 


Effective training begins with Bible knowledge and theology. But it also extends into areas of personal character and spiritual development, team dynamics, Islamics, evangelism, and other specialized training topics.


Still, knowledge in all those areas is not enough for fruitful overseas ministry! An effective training program must also incorporate daily opportunities to put learning into practice and be coached by those who have gone ahead of us.


All these factors—knowledge, skills, practical experience, and character—come together in the Studio internship to produce a program that helps you grow in Christ and develop the resiliency and competence that leads to fruitfulness.


  • Bible and Comparative Theology
  • Prayer and Spiritual Formation
  • Church Planting Movements with DMM 
  • Culture, Ethnography, and World Views 
  • Language Learning using GPA 
  • Orality & Bible Storying 
  • Evangelism & Discipleship tools 
  • Principles of Contextualization 
  • Islamics and Comparative Theology 
  • Self-Awareness and Personal Character
  • Team Dynamics & Working Together 
  • Peacemaking & Relational Healing
  • Resiliency & Thriving Overseas 
  • Spiritual Warfare & Power Ministries 
  • Theology of Risk & Suffering 
  • High Security Training 
  • Health, Safety and Contingency Planning 
  • Entry, Identity, and Work
  • Marriage and singleness on the field
  • Raising children cross-culturally