Join like-minded individuals and families who desire to go where there is no church and where no (or few) messengers of the Gospel have ever gone.

Life on the field is tough. Field workers navigate complex issues such as unimaginable poverty and security concerns. Add isolation, spiritual oppression, language learning, and culture shock to the mix, and it’s understandable why so many long-term workers return home prematurely. 

Well-designed pre-field training can make the difference between successfully riding the waves of adversity—or being tossed in the undertow and pummeled. Train with experienced field workers with decades in the Muslim world. Learn the tools and practices of effective ministry and immediately apply them in a local Muslim community.

After completing the six-week On-Ramp online Islamics training and the three-month Studio Internship, you’ll be equipped, motivated, and ready to hit the ground running.